Monday, November 24, 2008

The Truth...

Well, the truth is that I suck at keeping up with a blog. It's a paradox, really. I find blogging fun and relaxing...but weeks(months in this case) can go by without me realizing I have not blogged. If I turned this into a political blog, I'm sure it would be easier for me to keep up on, as I tend to read about 5 times a day(conservative estimate, sadly.)

The last few days I have contemplated firing up the blog again, and I got a sort of confirmation...apparently people actually read my blog. I had a few people who posted comments to my blog posts of old. It was really sweet to hear from strangers who appreciate the candidness of this blog. It's hard writing about your life for strangers to read, though, several of these 'strangers' have become dear friends and what I consider to be family. It's unbelievable and reassuring in a way. I have no promises about how long my blogging will continue, or if it will...but I want to thank those people who have helped me over the last 3 years find who I am and those who have encouraged me along my journey of self-discovery...a journey that apparently never ends!

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