Thursday, March 16, 2006

It's amazing to me how much misinformation was presented at Love In Action. So many things that were taught concerning the psychological aspects of being gay I have found are wrong. I am taking a Psych class and doing a lot of studying. John Smid is just plain wrong, and I am concerned about the people currently going thru the teachings. What can we do to let people know the truth? As taught by Love in Action, "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."
Has anyone ever tried to sue Love in Action? Someone suggested that to me recently. I am not a big fan of the whole "sue crazy" nation we live in; however, having gone through a program that claims to be a religious organization/church, and denies providing psychological services(correct me if I have that wrong.) I think it's fair to say that I was damaged going into LIA, and came out even more so. I was the prey of a predatorial group, seeking weak, wounded individuals who are deeply in need of having a void filled. EVERY person in LIA that I can remember had just recently hit their rock bottom before deciding to attend the program. God, I feel like a fool. So naive and childish. What can I do though. It's in the past, and I have my future ahead of me. Would suing LIA put an end to this, or at least bring about awareness? I wish I knew that they didn't promise "curing" of homosexuality before I went and thrusted myself into debt. The admissions people didn't mention that once. They just made it sound as if God would take away all my problems thru them, and them alone. Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, or comments?


J said...
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Bruce Garrett said...

Be nice if enough people could get together on some sort of class action lawsuit against all these outfits. But I'm no lawyer and I haven't a clue whether such a lawsuit would even be viable.

You're not a fool. We all have our vulnerabilities, our points of weakness where, if someone pushes them just so, we can be manipulated. I've got mine, and I've experienced being manipulated through them. It happens, we're not invulnerable beings, we're human. And one thing about the mindset of manipulators is that they're always absolving themselves for the damage they do by blaming, in some way, their victims for whatever comes of it. As you said, you were in a vulnerable state and someone came along and took advantage of that and that isn't your fault. We're all weak at different times in our lives. The good person is the one who tries to help, not takes advantage.

I realize that can be a fine line, because some people, in honestly trying to help, manage just to make things worse. But when you keep seeing that your help is only making people hurt more then you need to start asking yourself some questions. Be nice if the folks at LIA took an honest look at the impact their work is actually having on lives of their clients, as opposed to seeing everything they do through religious dogmas. When the bird and the bird book disagree, believe the bird.

Anonymous said...

I just hope that you will continue this blogg and blogging your journey.

Many people start blogs and then abandone them when realize how much time they take...

Looking forward to hear more...

Christinewjc said...

Hello J,

I saw your link over at Ex-gay Watch and thought I would offer a suggestion.

As in everyday life, there are some ministries that fill the needs of people while others don't. I am sorry to hear about your negative experience with Love Won Out. Perhaps it wasn't the correct ministry for your needs. I hope and pray that you will:

1. Not give up on the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ.
2. Be willing to seek out another ministry that just might help you and be the correct 'fit' for your needs.

I have had contact with Desert Stream Ministries and perceive them as an excellent, non-political ministry that deals with sexual brokeness (all kinds). I have even posted some of Andrew Comiskey's (founder) articles at my Talkwisdom blog. I hope that you will take the time to read The Cross: Liberating Desire and also visit the Desert Stream Ministries site.

I'm praying for you. God bless you in your journey back to Jesus.