Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Plagued Senator Craig

I find myself feeling a bit heavy-hearted for Senator Larry Craig. As most of my friends know, I am an extremely political person, and I would usually be excited by a seemingly hypocrital scandal that involves a conservative republican who fights against gay rights. However, this story is not making me get those 'warm fuzzies' that I usually do(I do realize that warm fuzzies may make me seem a bit heartless...oh well.)
I am finding myself heavy-hearted because I can actually relate to the alleged situation the Senator is in. Just think, how many ex-ex-gays have found themselves living double lives, seeking out meaningless hookups to help have some feeling of being alive, willing to lie to those we love in order to protect them and ultimately protect ourselves. I do not know or even want to speculate on Sen. Craig's sexuality or inner struggles; however, I do know where I've been and where many of my friends have been.
I know that the road I traveled and still travel to an extent was hard, but I could not even imagine being a top political leader under the scrutiny of millions of Americans and still battling with an inner struggle larger than life itself at times.
Another interesting thing is to watch those 'friends' and colleagues of his one by one turn away from him, bash him to the media, and just forget that he is a human. It is such a familiar scene...being with 'friends' who know you by the particular mask you wear, and once it is removed, they no longer feel that they can be in your life or look at you as a human being again, but rather, you become a disgrace, a problem, or even a liability.
For all of those, especially in the ex-ex-gay world, I ask you to not judge a man on the lack of compassion he has shown those who are 'different,' but rather, be the compassion that you want to see come from him.

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Ken said...

I feel bad for the man personally and believe he is a victim in many ways. But I have to say that I'm delighted whenever the hypocracy of staunch conservatives is exposed. People need to realize that there are sexual minorities in every religious, social and political community and it is time to embrace understanding instead of judgment.