Sunday, February 05, 2006

I just started a new job, and the first day was very interesting. I found out that my manager, who happens to be a pastor of some small Apostolic church, also "Hates Fags." Well, we are all familiar with Fred Phelps and "God hates fags." When I came out to my parents the first time at the age of 16, my father conveniently left pieces of paper around and the website( or something) as the homepage on my computer. Should someone who is so obviously prejudiced be hiring people? Shouldn't a company have guidelines as to whom can be in charge of major things like that? It is not right that I am afraid of my manager finding out about my orientation in order to protect my job. My manager doesn't know about me, and it will stay that way because I believe that my personal life and work life are to be autonomous.
Next, why are people so ignorant. I know that is an age old question and all, but really...give me a break. To be so ignorant and full of hate to say something like "God Hates...." anything shows that we are not dealing with a full deck of cards. God is synonymous with love, right? John 3:16 says, "For God so loved the WORLD..." not that he loved the religious leaders. Jesus made it clear he didn't like religion. He disliked the religious crowd, and prefered hanging out with the hookers, drunks, and other sinners.
With all of this evidence and knowledge at arms reach, we still have churches who preach love the sinner, hate the sin YET they condemn everyone who doesn't conform to religious norms. I soooo wish Jesus was walking the earth today. Jesus did NOT conform to religious norms by any means! The church of today would have been looking for a much more religious savior, and probably would have shunned Christ.
I am scared of God. I went through with Love in Action because of many reasons, but mainly because I "Knew" that homosexuality was the ultimate sin that was ultimately punished by eternity in hell. I don't believe that anymore. I don't know why I am attracted to guys, but what I do know is that God is a God of love and forgiveness, NOT a cynical God who tries to have people fall through loop-holes. I don't know if you're born gay, if it is psychological or what...but I do know that I did NOT choose it. Who would choose something that so many people see as the ultimate perversion? Why do so many Christians see me as a pervert and a sinner when I am pursuing my attractions just the same way they are pursuing theirs?


grace said...

I'm the last person who'd be argumentative with please don't take this that way. But...while it may be true that Christians do indeed pursue their attractions this should not be their driving force and if it is then their journey toward being more Christlike will not be very successful. I do think that you are right in assuming that most people who call themselves Christians don't really act all that different from others who do not...they just "clean it up" so that it's percieved as being more Christian.

Contemplative Activist said...

I think the current literature suggests an enormous biological component within sexual orientation.

You might find this interesting:

Its an article by David Myers, a highly respected social psychologist.


kevin said...

Gosh, how awful your dad left you notes like he did. It is funny how some 'Christians' show their love...